Adjustments To Men's State Leagues Pyramid

Withdrawal of Rosebud Heart from MSL

Football Federation Victoria was recently informed by Rosebud Heart of the club’s decision to withdraw its Men’s State Leagues (MSL) seniors and reserves from 2018 competition.

In accordance with rule 10.4.3 & 10.4.4, FFV has offered the highest finishing team which were relegated in the 2017 season, the opportunity to be reinstated into their respective leagues for the 2018 Season.

Key updates are as follows:

Men's State League 4
- Rosebud Heart withdrawn and replaced in MSL 4 South by Monash University
- Kings Domain moved from MSL 4 North to MSL 4 East
- Brunswick Zebras reinstated to MSL 4 North

Men's State League 5
- Due to Brunswick Zebras being reinstated to MSL 4, the MSL 5 North has now been amended to a 12-team league with each of the remaining clubs participating in 22 fixtures (11 home and 11 away)

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