Club Compliance

All Clubs must ensure that they continue to meet their basic regulatory compliance obligations under Consumer Affairs Victoria ("CAV") or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") as required. Clubs are also subject to FFV By-Law 12 Club Compliance Policy.

Clubs' obligations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ensuring the Club has an FFV approved constitution that has been lodged with CAV, for Incorporated Associations, or ASIC, for Companies Limited by Guarantee;
  2. Holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year in accordance with their Constitutions and legislative obligations;
  3. Lodging an Annual Statement to CAV, or Financial Statement to ASIC, within the required time frame each year after the AGM;
  4. Notifying FFV of any proposed changes to the Constitution, or proposed amalgamations with other Clubs.

Annual General Meetings

Most Clubs  meet once a year at their AGM. Committee meetings or directors' meetings are not considered General Meetings.

The AGM generally includes the following business:

  1. Confirming the minutes of the previous General Meetings, usually the previous year's AGM;
  2. Presenting a President's report and any other reports as required;
  3. Presenting a financial report to be accepted by the Club's members; and, where applicable,
  4. Voting for the Committee Members / Directors for the ensuing term.

The AGM must be held within 5 months after the Club's End of Financial Year, or as otherwise directed by CAV or ASIC.

After the AGM all Clubs must satisfy their Financial Reporting Obligations by lodging an Annual Statement to CAV within 28 days, or a Financial Statement to ASIC as required.


From 13 April 2015 onward, all Incorporated Associations will be required to lodge Annual Statements, changes to association rules/constitution and Committee/Board changes online via the myCAV system. myCAV will, for the most part, replace the previous method of notifying CAV of changes and lodgements by using paper forms.

All Secretaries should create a myCAV login and register as the authorised contact for their Club.

Information about the myCAV system is available here

Adopting the FFV Template Club Constitution

N.B. The Club's constitution may only be changed by way of the members voting for it as a Special Resolution at a Special General Meeting or the AGM. Any changes must be lodged with CAV within 28 days after the meeting is held. The club must follow the process set out in its current Constitution for Special Resolutions at General Meetings, or as otherwise prescribed in the relevant legislation.

  1. First, download a copy of the FFV Template Club Constitution or the FFV Template Club Constitution with Liquor Licence included if your club has or intends to have a liquor licence.
  2. A consolidated copy of the Club's Constitution needs to be sent to FFV with any proposed changes included. FFV will then advise you whether it is approved or further amendments are required.
  3. Once FFV approves the Constitution you must send a Notice of General Meeting to all Club members including parents in the case of junior members. This must be sent at least 21 days prior to the General Meeting and must include the Special Resolution to adopt the new Constitution. Sending the Notice of General Meeting by e-mail and notifying members by way of the Club's website and via social media is appropriate.
  4. At least 75% of the members who attend the meeting must vote in favour of the Special Resolution.
  5. Once the members have voted for the new Constitution it must be lodged to Consumer Affairs Victoria within 28 days. A copy of the consolidated constitution must be lodged with the CAV using the myCAV online system.

A fee is payable to CAV for changes to the constitution. The applicable fee is outlined on the CAV Prescribed Form. You do not pay any money to FFV for the constitution changes or for our assistance.

National Club Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)

All Clubs must be at least 1 Star NCAS accredited prior to taking part in FFV or affiliated competitions.

FFA has released a Level 2 application form for clubs seeking to be 2 Star Accredited. The form is available here: NCAS Level 2 Application Form

Resources about NCAS, including how to apply for 2 Star Accreditation, are available here:

Please contact Anuhari Mallawarachchi on 9474 1859 for more information.

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