2018 Registration Dates:

Community Leagues and NPL Juniors:

  • Final Day to Register a New Player: 27th July 2018, 5:00pm
  • Final Day for a Player to Change Clubs (including interstate players): 3rd August 2018, 5:00pm
  • Final Day to lodge a Player De-Registration Refund Request:  27th July 2018, 5:00pm

National Premier Leagues (Seniors):

  • Final Day to Request a Senior Men's NPL ITC: 12th June 2018, 5:00pm
  • Final Day for Senior Women's WNPL players to register: 30th June 2018, 5:00pm
  • Final Day to Request a Senior Women's WNPL ITC: 30th June 2018, 5:00pm

This is subject to your club having their registration fee packages set-up and approved by FFV.

NPL Clubs need to confirm with the FFV Registrations team their fees for 2018, before their players can start registering.


2018 Registration Periods and Key Dates Final


The Registration Process

A player must be registered for a club before they are eligible to take the field of play; this process ensures compliance with the relevant regulations and makes certain that your club members are protected under the FFV Risk Protection Program.

Simplified, the process to register a player is as follows:

  1. The player submits their registration to the club via MyFootballClub.
  2. The player pays the club registration fee (including FFV and FFA fees) to the club.
  3. The club accepts the player's registration through MyFootballClub.
  4. The club pays the FFV and FFA registration fees to FFV through the Club Finance System.
  5. The player is eligible to play.

There are a number of other rules that affect a player's registration and their eligibility, which can be found in the FFV and FFA registration regulations. Some key points to note however include:

  • A player may only be registered for one club at any given time
  • A player may be registered for up to 3 clubs within a season, but may only play for 2 of those clubs
  • A player's registration is only valid if completed within the applicable registration window.


Dual Registration

Dual Registration is prohibited under the NRR's in accordance with the FIFA regulations. A player can only be registered with one club at a time.

Article 4.9 of the NRR's prohibits Dual Registrations, however provides in certain limited circumstances ("exceptional circumstances") for a player to be allowed to play for a club other than the club to which he or she is registered (Additional Playing Club). Where a club or player wishes to apply for a player to play for an Additional Playing Club, FFV will consider that application in the first instance and, where it considers that ''exceptional circumstances'' exist, refer the application to FFA for review and final determination. FFA retains final discretion as to whether exceptional circumstances exist and therefore an application should be accepted or denied.

Further information in relation to the process for making an application under Article 4.9 of the NRRs and the factors which will be taken into consideration by FFV and FFA in determining whether or not ‘exception circumstances” exist for the purpose of such an application are set out in the documents below.

Dual Registration Memo

Form 1. Consent form signed by Players Registered Club

Form 2. Consent form signed by Players Additional Playing Club

Where a club submits an Application Under Article 4.9 of NRR's, all the sufficient documentation must be submitted to

For further clarification in regards to submitting an Application Under Article 4.9 of NRR (Additional Playing Club), please contact the MyFootballClub department on 9474 1800 (ext 2).


MyFootballClub Explained

MyFootballClub is the National Online registration system developed by Football Federation Australia, by which the above process is administered.

Every person has their own individual account which is designated a unique 8-digit FFA ID number. This account is a record of their registration history, which includes playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering.

Clubs also have their own accounts - access to which may be granted via an individual's account once they have applied for access and met the relevant requirements. Please use the buttons at the top of this page to log into MyFootballClub as a club user, to gain access to the club's account, or to view user guides and other materials designed to help you use MyFootballClub.

Click Here  to visit the MyFootballClub website
Click Here for training options and to gain access to MyFootballClub as a club administrator

Player Status

A player participating in football is either an Amateur or Professional. Amateur players may play in Professional leagues, but Professional players are not permitted to play in Amateur leagues.

Amateur Players

An Amateur is any Player that is not a Professional. i.e. a player that is not paid to play football for a club and does not have a contract with a club. This includes Junior players, Thirds and Masters players and players in all Women's competitions.

A club may reimburse a amateur player for expenses incurred without affecting the players amateur status including for travel, kit, equipment or insurance premiums.

If a player was previously a professional, they must wait at least 30 days after the players’ last match as a professional before they are permitted to register as an amateur.

Professional Players

A Professional is a player who has a written contract with a club in which that player is paid to play football for that club in the form of Prescribed Form NRR 05 – Professional Player Contract.

Professional players are classed as casual employees. As employers clubs are required to comply with PAYG Income Tax and Superannuation laws.  In Victoria, the minimum age required to register as a Professional Player is 15 years of age.



Why are there limitations, such as training, on who can have access to the Club's MyFootballClub account?

Personal details for the club's players can be viewed from the club's account. Furthermore, the eligibility of players as well as the club's financial account with FFV are directly affected through MyFootballClub. Accordingly, it is imperative to ensure that any Club MyFootballClub users are appropriately trained and recorded, and have the club's authorisation.

Why has player self-registration via MyFootballClub become the mandatory method of player registration over the past few years?

Self-registration is the most practical means to guarantee the integrity of the registration process. Phasing out registration by the club registrar has ensured that all parties fully consent to the recorded registration activites, and has drastically decreased the number of errors in the system.

I have a suggestion for an improvement to MyFootballClub. Who do I send it to?

MyFootballClub is updated annually by the FFA, based on feedback received from users via a survey emailed to club administrators listed in MyFootballClub. Make sure you keep your club contact details up-to-date so that nobody misses out. Limitations to budget mean that not every great idea can be implemented, so it is important to complete the survey so that your voice is heard.

Why do I need to get an International Transfer Clearance? Can I get an exemption? 

ITCs are a FIFA mandated process to transfer a player from one National Association to another. It ensures that player contracts and suspensions are honored, that minors are not moving countries for footballing purposes, and is crucial for the distribution of solidarity contribution and training compensation. Accordingly, it is not within our authority to grant any exemptions to this requirement.

There is a player currently at another club that wants to play for our club as well. How do we register them?

A player is only permitted to be registered for one club at a time. They will need to choose whether to remain at their current club, or cancel their registration with that club and register with your club.

Dual-registration was permitted for talented players and other exceptional circumstances in the past; however, FIFA reviewed the FFA's National Registration Regulations in late 2012 and this possibility was removed as a result.


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