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This page is dedicated to advice given by our Chief Medical Officer on pressing issues when it comes to injuries in football. It contains information on various ailments, injuries, as well as preventative measures.

Warm up - FIFA 11+

The “FIFA 11+ ” is a complete warm-up programme to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older.

The programme was developed by an international group of experts, and its effectiveness has been proven in a scientific study. Teams that performed the “FIFA 11+ ” at least twice a week had 30-50% fewer injured players.

See the FIFA 11+ program website here


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CMO Message:

I welcome the AIS-AMA guidelines on Concussion in Sport as complimentary to the FIFA and FFA guidelines on concussion.

The AIS-AMA guidelines are a user-friendly addition to the resources available to players, coaches, parents, officials and medical personnel and should be used in conjunction with the guidelines prepared for football.

  • The policy of “if in doubt, sit them out” is agreed by all experts in the field - if there is a suspicion of concussion and no medical expertise to exclude the diagnosis then players should be removed from the field.
  • A conservative approach to management of junior players is appropriate both in the diagnosis and their management process.
  • Decisions on concussion management should be individualised and made in consultation with medical personnel who have expertise in treatment of concussion in sport.
  • Players then should undertake a graduated and monitored return-to-learn and return-to-play programme.
  • No player should return to play with any symptoms.

- Dr Andrew Jowett


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Knee and ACL Injuries

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