The link below is where players, coaches and volunteers complete their online registrations to their respective clubs. If you haven't got a MyFootballClub account, you will need to create one.

MyFootballClub Explained

MyFootballClub is the National Online registration system developed by Football Federation Australia, by which the involvement in the sport of every individual is recorded.

Every person has their own individual account which is designated a unique 8-digit FFA ID number. This account is a record of their registration history, which includes playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering. Your FFA ID number will also be used to register for courses.

Please use the buttons at the top of this page to log into your personal MyFootballClub account, to create an account if you have not been registered in the past several years, or to visit the FFA MyFootballClub website.


The Registration Process

Similar to player registrations, a coach must also register themselves for their club each season. This is a seperate process to your playing registration, so if you are a player-coach you will need to register yourself twice.

To do so, you simply need to log into your MyFootballClub account, press the 'Register' button and then follow the prompts, making sure to select 'Coach' as the registration type once you have selected your club.

You won't be able to register for your club until your club has set up their registration packages for the season in the system. Please contact your club if you are not sure whether they have set-up their registration packages yet.



FFA MyFootballClub Support Centre

Phone: (02) 8020 4199

Assistance with: MyFootballClub - accessing your account, system errors, troubleshooting.

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