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 Summary of Community Courses

Community Course Informaiton

Community Course Pathway Diagram

Community Course Pathway

MiniRoos Certificate (formerly Grassroots Certificate) - Discovery Phase

On the MiniRoos Certificate coaches will spend the majority of the time on the pitch with the course being composed of mainly practical components.

The course emphasises learning football by playing football. Helping players learn the game through participation.MiniRoos Picture

You'll learn how you can plan and put on fun football exercises where players are able to learn and enjoy the game by having lots of contact-time with the ball.

Participants will also be exposed to the basic laws of the game to assist in creating fair sessions and match day practices for the players.

Click here to view the updated MiniRoos Certificate Manual

Skill Training Certificate - Skill Acquisition Phase

On the Skill Training Certificate coaches will participate in a short theory session and then apply the information from the theory session out on the pitch.

The course focuses on the Skill Acquisition Phase, with the focus being on developing a players technical ability. To best achieve this players technical development has been broken down in 4 'core' game skills:

  1. First Touch - receiving a pass.
  2. Striking the Ball - passing and finishing.
  3. Running with the Ball - changing direction and running at speed.
  4. 1v1 - deception and defending.

The course will teach participants how to provide opportunities for players to repeatedly carry out one of the above skills in a session. You'll learn how to plan a session where one theme is applied to different exercises allowing player to have opportunities to use a certain skill in a variety of situations.

The emphasis of the course being how critical to a players learning that repetition of particular skill in varying situations will allow them to perform more effectively during a match.

Click here to view the Skill Training Certificate Manual

Game Training Certificate - Game Training Phase

On the Game Training Certificate coaches will participate in a short theory session and then apply the information from the theory session out on the pitch.

On the Game Training Certificate coaches will learn how to develop a players tactical awareness and decision making through game related scenarios. To assist players development these game related scenarios are broken down into 4 main moments.

  1. BP - Ball possession
  2. BPO - Ball possession opponent
  3. BP to BPO - Transition between BP and BPO (when you lose the ball)
  4. BPO to BP - Transition between BPO and BP (when you win the ball from the opposition)

Participants will learn how to design sessions where players are able to focus on developing their game knowledge in one particular main moment.

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Game Training Picture

Senior Coaching Certificate - Performance Phase

In the Performance Phase, the coach prepares the team for a competition environment where winning becomes the main aim rather than player development.

Coaches will learn how to create and deliver a session which focuses on solving football problems, based on match analysis.

Participants will also be introduced to Football Conditioning. Coaches will learn how to improve players fitness whilst incorporating forms of tactical learning.

Click here to view the Senior Coaching Certificate Manual


Community Goalkeeper Course

The Community Goalkeeper course is based on engaging goalkeepers in activities that support their development through a game sense approach.

The course is player focused and based on the delivery of goalkeeper sessions that are Safe, Organised, Enjoyable, Engaging and allow for good reflection with players.

The outcomes for the Community Goalkeeper Course are:

  • Identify the training requirements of goalkeepers.
  • Plan practices appropriate to goalkeepers needs.
  • Identify methods to make training inclusive for all participants, implement basic principles of goalkeeper coaching.
  • Conduct relevant, safe and engaging goalkeeper sessions.
  • Select appropriate methods to enhance performance and adapt the effectiveness of their coaching behaviours through self-reflection. 


Goalkeeper Course Picture

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