ELECTION NOTICE - Football Federation Victoria – 2017 Director Elections

In accordance with the FFV Constitution, an independent Returning Officer has been appointed to conduct the Football Federation Victoria Inc (FFV) election of directors. The appointed Returning Officer is the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), represented by Mr James Somerville.

Nominations are called for

Directors (4) *

Nominations of eligible persons to stand at the elections are invited from FFV Members or Directors in accordance with rule 10.4 of FFV’s Constitution and By-Law 10.7.  Eligibility of candidates is governed by rule 10.3 of FFV’s Constitution and By-Law 10.5.1.

Nominations must be received by the AEC Returning Officer no later than 5:00pm (AEDT) Monday 27 February 2017. Nominations received after this time and date will not be accepted. Nominations can be made:

  • By Post: Attention Mr James Somerville, Australian Electoral Commission

(AEC) PO BOX 41 Bundoora, VIC 3083

  • By Email: scullin@aec.gov.au
  • In Person: Tenancy 1, 2 Enterprise Drive, Bundoora VIC 3083


PLEASE NOTE – All candidates should check with the AEC Returning Officer (03) 9467 3416 to ensure their nomination has been received by the AEC.


The Nomination Forms, the FFV Constitution and By-Law 10, together with information regarding the skills required by a director, are available from the FFV website ffv.org.au and from the AEC Returning Officer.

Nominations may be withdrawn up until the ballot draw to be held on 2 March 2017 at 12 noon (AEDT). This must be confirmed in writing.

Candidates and statements

Candidates may submit for publication a statement of no more than 1000 words and a passport size photograph in support of their nomination. Statements and photographs must be submitted to the AEC Returning Officer no later than 5:00pm (AEDT) Monday 27 February 2017. Statements that are received after this time and date, or which exceed 1000 words, will not be accepted.

A typical candidate statement may include headings such as: ‘Reason for Standing’, ‘Goals if Elected’, ‘Key Skills and Experience’ ‘Professional experience’ Football experience’, ‘Board Experience’ and ‘Personal Characteristics’ by way of example. The candidate statements will be included with the ballot papers.

The candidates for election, and statements if submitted are here:


Should a ballot be required to decide the elections, a draw to determine the order of the candidates’ names on the ballot paper will be conducted at the offices of FFV, at 12pm (AEDT) on 2 March 2017 in accordance with By-Law 10.8.

Ballot material will be posted to voters on or before 8 March 2017, and the ballot will close at 5:00pm (AEDT) on 22 March 2017. The scrutiny and count of ballot papers will be conducted at the FFV offices at 5.00pm (AEDT) on Monday 27 March (prior to the 2016AGM).

The ballot will be conducted via the optional preferential voting system. When completing the ballot paper, FFV encourages all Members to complete the ballot paper entirely with their first preference, second preference, third preference, and so forth. It is also important to note that the AEC Declaration envelope must be signed by you, the voter, as ballot papers which have an unsigned declaration envelope will not be accepted by the AEC.

Q&A session

Further, a Members and Candidates Question and Answer Session will be conducted at the FFV offices, Level 3, 436 St Kilda Road, Melbourne on 9 March 2017 commencing at 6.30pm (AEDT).  The Q&A session will be hosted by an independent moderator.

Candidates who choose to attend the Q&A session will be provided with five (5) minutes to state their value proposition (in accordance with their candidate statement) and allow FFV Zone Representatives and Standing Committee Chairpersons (the Members) ten (10) minutes to ask questions of the candidates.

Important note regarding 2017 election

*In addition to the three retiring director positions for election this year, a casual vacancy exists as at the time of the AGM due to the retirement of an elected director in October 2016. The directors have chosen not to fill this vacancy by appointment, but rather to leave this vacancy open for the Members to elect in accordance with rule 10.8(b) of the Constitution.

As such, this year there are four (4) positions for election: three ordinary (retiring) positions to be filled for four year Terms in accordance with rule 10.8(a), and one vacancy position to be filled for a two year Term (the remainder of the term of the director position that is vacant) in accordance with rule 10.8(b).

Accordingly, Members and candidates are advised that:

  • where the number of nominations received for director positions exceeds the number of ordinary (retiring) director positions (that is, where more than 3 nominations are received), a fourth director may be elected by the Members under rule 10.8(b) of the constitution;
  • if a fourth individual is elected as a director, the individual ranked fourth after the vote-tally will occupy the vacancy director position, and as such will be granted a two-year term (the remainder of the term of the vacant director position they are filling); and
  • the individuals ranked first, second and third after the vote-tally will occupy the ordinary director positions and will be granted four year terms.

See the enclosed full timeline for the Director Elections.

Any questions relating to the election process should be addressed to the Executive Office,

(03) 9474 1809 or nvolkofsky@ffv.org.auAustralian Electoral Commission

James Somerville

AEC Returning Officer

(03) 9467 3416

Please find links below for the timeline, director skills summary and nomination form

2017 FFV Board Elections Timeline

Director Skills Summary

FFV Nomination Form

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