FC Birrurung Team Up With Mandy Nicholson To Design Indigenous Uniform

Community to choose which design the club adopts

FC Birrarung have collaborated with local Indigenous artist Mandy Nicholson and her daughter Ky-ya, to redesign their player uniforms.

Mandy has previously designed uniforms for the AFL, and most recently for the AFL Women's League. 16-year-old Ky-ra is responsible for the first design, and collaborated with Mandy on the others.

FC Birrurung briefed Mandy and Ky-ra of the club's name and values and this translates into the theme and design of the shirts.

Mandy and Ky-ra have maintained the blue and gold colours and created 5 potential designs for the club.

FC Birrurung will let the community choose which design they like most and from there the colour of the accompanying shorts will also be determined.

The five possible designs are below:

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