FFV Celebrates Community Award Winners

2017 Community Awards Recognise Footballing Achievement

Football Federation Victoria's Community Award Winners were presented with their trophies in a ceremony held at Hume City's ABD Stadium on PlayStation®4 NPL Victoria Women's Grand Final Day.

Westfield Matildas coach Alen Stajcic and Football Federation Australia Head of Community, Football Development and Women’s Football Emma Highwood were special guests who assisted in the presenting of awards.

FFV wishes to congratulate the following award winners on their remarkable achievements in 2017:


Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Rob has the ability to see the bigger picture. His aim of delivering a team of players to the next coach having developed them over a year shows that his focus is on the kids, not himself, and he has a long- term approach of instilling the fundamentals and building each week through model sessions.

All players are rotated through positions and have equal playing time allowing the players to experience different challenges which is important in younger age players development. Rob plans training sessions that ensure that each player is exposed to learning new skills.

One of Rob's best attributes is his clear themes for each game. That might be first touch or killer pass for instance. Whatever the theme the kids are praised for attempting to fulfil the theme. The outcome is less important than the decision and the attempt. Rob is constantly reaffirming the theme, both to players and also to parents. Rob isn't influenced by parents as most are learning about football with their kids.

He delivers what is best for each player and the group as a whole and this is why he has been picked as Male Coach of the Year.

Female Coach of the Year - JESSICA GALLO (AVONDALE FC)

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Jess completed her MiniRoos and Skill Training courses while heavily pregnant and only five days after giving birth to her sixth child, she was back on the pitch coaching.

She has delivered three SAP sessions per week whilst juggling a busy family life making sure the under 12 girls didn't miss out in their development.

Jess is a mentor, developing the girls not only as footballers, but future strong young women. She is able to support, console and be tough when required whilst providing a fun, safe and enjoyable learning environment for all of the players. With most of the team brand new to football she has taught and developed all of the players, whilst also learning herself in her first coaching appointment.

A letter written at school by one of Jess players, Sienna Dachs, about her role model.

"This year I have been lucky enough to meet a wonderful role model, my soccer coach Jess. She is a positive and great role model because she believes that girls can do everything and anything and she teaches me how to play soccer and new strategies.

Soccer was once only a boy’s sport but now it is for everyone. In a very inspirational speech to my soccer team, she quoted 'If someone tells you, you can't do something because you're a girl tell them, watch me.'

She is very committed because one week after she gave birth to her 6th child she then attended every single training session and every Sunday match (with her baby in tow). And finally she is always fair and treats everyone equally and shows no favouritism. And that is why she is an awesome role model. These attributes of being a role model, leadership, sacrifice & personal development are the reason that Jess has been chosen as our Female Coach of the Year.

Volunteer of the Year Award - PAUL SIRIANNI

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Paul was nominated for this award by Steve Marks from the Mitchell Rangers Soccer Club, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to football and in particular the Mitchell Rangers Football Club.

Paul has become well known over the past as a welcoming face at the club, to new families and performing a wide range of activities for the club.

Paul has also been passionately involved with the All Abilities team at Mitchell Rangers and his passion for the participants and the game is a role model to all.

Development Referee of the Year - NICHOLAS BABINCZKY

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Nicholas Babinczky has been awarded FFV Development Referee of the Year award due to his exceptional performances on and off the pitch in season 2017. A member of the FFV Referee Talent Pool, Nicholas was selected to represent Victoria at the FFA National Youth Championships, held in Coffs Harbour. His success is down to his excellent attitude, commitment and response towards implementing feedback and his refereeing development has taken great steps forward in 2017.

Assistant Referee of the Year - BRANDON SMITH

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Brandon Smith is awarded the FFV Assistant Referee of the Year award due to his outstanding performances during the 2016 season. Brandon has officiated in the NPL competition and was appointed to the 2017 NPL Victoria Grand Final as an assistant referee.

Brandon has made a fantastic contribution to Victorian refereeing, in particular as a referee coach in the Dandenong Valley & Peninsula referee branches, giving up his time to help develop referees. He is an extremely passionate individual and he is a great asset to Victorian football. Brandon has also been selected by FFA as a referee in the National Youth League this season.

Jones/Martin Award - KYRA COONEY-CROSS

Kyra had a breakout season, finding ability to apply all of her skills at the highest level of Victorian football.   She had Memorable dribbles and goals, culminating in a camp with Senior Matildas and Asian Cup with Junior Matildas.

Hoar/Melvin Award - ERIN KEYT

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Erin is an outstanding goal scorer in Under 15 NPLW, with an incredible 37 goals scored in 29 matches. Always dangerous on the counterattack, her mix of speed, skill and excellent finishing have propelled Erin to become one of the standout young players in NPLW.

Weinstein Award - LUKE DUZEL

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Luke has been in the FFV NTC program for the last 4 years.

He has been a part of the Skillaroos, U14 State squad, NTC and TIDC.

Luke is one of the eight players representing Victoria in U17 Joeys Team which recently successfully won qualification tournament in Mongolia and qualified for AFC U-16 Championship 2018.


Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Image Credit: Mark Avellino

Francesca showed outgoing and inspiring leadership of her teammates throughout the season, as well as excellent performances that were highlighted by work ethic, skill and some nice goals, especially at home against Heidelberg and away at Southern United.


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