FFV Directors Elected

New FFV Directors Elected At FFV Annual General Meeting

Football Federation Victoria held its Annual General Meeting on Monday March 21, 2016.

Three individuals have been appointed to the FFV Board:

  • Antonella Carè
  • Ken Steel
  • Sezar Jakupi

The trio join Kimon Taliadoros (President), Tal Karp, Nicholas Tsiaras, Tammi Rose and Sandra Lordanic as FFV Directors.

The FFV Board and Members sincerely thank Cam Cimino and John Lewis for their service on the FFV Board.

New Director Candidate Statements

Ken Steel

I wish to actively represent the Members and Clubs at the Board level, in particular the Country Zones, as I feel the messages from the stakeholders is not getting through. There are many good things that are happening in our sport at a grass roots level and these need to be encouraged and developed.
Football History
1. Life member FFV
2. Life Member GSL
3. Member GSL Hall Of Fame
4. FFV JLMC member (4 years)
5. FFV Commissioner (2 years)
6. Country Leagues President (26 years)
7. Gippsland Soccer League president (10+ years)
8. Referee (30+ years)
Relevant Work History
1. Director Steel Chem (my own consulting business)
2. Director Aquapac (joint ownership with factories in Sydney (2) and Brisbane (1))
3. Currently working 3 days per week, mainly as a consultant.
Antonella Care
I am providing you my profile statement in support of my application to become an FFV Director. I believe I possess the critical skills, knowledge and practical
experience to represent the members, the clubs and the participants to drive and move the game forward.
My educational background includes a Bachelor of Urban Planning & Design; Bachelor of Architecture; Bachelor of Building Engineering; and a Bachelor of Building Surveying.

In relation to my employment experience, I have worked in the corporate sector for more than 20 years in a number of challenging and rewarding positions. Whilst I am currently a Director of Connect PM P/L, I have also worked for professional organisations such as Paynter Dixon Constructions, City of Port Phillip, Building Surveying Services and Connell Wagner.I have held positions on the Boards of non-profit organisations and have a strong understanding of Governance requirements. I also have excellent working relationships within many local Government departments due to the nature of my work.

In regards to football, I have been involved in the game (on and off) for over 25 years. I have played the game at junior level, worked and supported grass roots clubs both as a volunteer, committee member and sponsor.
Whilst the sport continues to grow from a participation perspective, I feel the game, particularly in Victoria has some emerging and existing issues which require urgent attention. By the same token, football has considerable untapped growth potential, which, with the assistance of a united Board, I am confident can be unlocked and capitalized upon. In essence, I am very keen to ensure;
  • FFV take steps to develop a new strategic plan that encompasses the views of all football stakeholders;
  • the Board understands its responsibilities, is unified and has a common sense of purpose;
  • the Board shows strong leadership – not by dictating terms to members, clubs, participants, government, etc., but by showing respect and actually engaging and working closely with all the game’s stakeholders; there is greater level of transparency in all FFV affairs;
  • the Board and the game’s administrators take a more proactive approach to building relationships with members, clubs, players, referees, coaches, families and potential partners and sponsors;
  • the Board takes steps to address and remove “barriers to entry”, including making the sport more affordable, developing strategies that engage, attracting and involving more women across a number of levels, review all participant pathway programs with the assistance and input of members, clubs and standing committees, review competition structures, and identify/develop other low-cost non-competitive engagement programs and activities for children (boys and girls) and their families who currently reside outside the traditional player/club channel;
  • FFV improves communications along with the support and services it provides regional associations and their clubs, and takes immediate steps to resolve issues and disputes via an inclusive approach.
  • a coordinated approach is taken to engage and lobby all levels of government for the purpose of building and upgrading sporting facilities, which are gender friendly and adaptable for multi-purpose use; In summary, I have excellent knowledge of the administrative processes and understand the workings of government across all levels. I have a broad understanding of the issues and challenges facing our sport and the membership, who represent clubs, parents, players, coaches, referees and volunteers.
I also understand the responsibility that comes with being a Director of Football Federation Victoria, and I welcome the chance to be part of an organisation that needs to embrace change and evolve, but also meet the needs and expectations of all Victorian football stakeholders.

Please accept my nomination form in good faith and I look forward to receiving your support.

Kind regards
Antonella Care

Sezar Jakupi

Reasons for nomination :
I have been involved in football from the grassroots level as a youth and senior player and then as a junior coach and progressing to a football club administrator , NPL Club Chairman and most recently as FFV Zone Representative.
I have an excellent understanding of our sport at all levels and am keen to give back to our football code so that we can improve upon the delivery of quality outcomes to all stakeholders and most importantly to the grassroots membership of football in Victoria, that is players, coaches, referees, administrators and volunteers who are the lifeblood of this sport in this country but unfortunately at times neglected.
I believe I can provide an important voice and input to the direction of the FFV Board of Directors and strive to bring positive outcomes and provide input into key decisions for direction of football in Victoria.
• Increase football player participation especially juniors and girls and Women
• Focus on improving relationships between Board, Administration and Clubs
• Improve communications with grassroots and stakeholders (Members, Committees)
• Increase transparency in the affairs of football in this state
• Ensure Board operates professionally and effectively
• Ensure Administration is streamlined and operating with optimal efficiency
• Review and update FFV Strategic Plan and long term vision for our code in this state
Football experience :
• Player – Juniors and Seniors and Over 35s (30+ years)
• Coach – Juniors (10+ years)
• Administator (10+ years)
• Chairman of Board NPL Club (3 years)
• FFV Zone Representative – Southern Zone
Professional experience :
IT Professional Consultant – 30 years
Australia, NZ, Switzerland, Germany, United States

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