FFV commits to prosperity of Clubs as ambassadors go #OutandAbout

Clubs to benefit from increased support

We would like to bring to your attention some positive steps being taken within the Club Development space at Football Federation Victoria.

After the successful implementation of the Club Development Officer (CDO) role, and the pilot of the Club Engagement Program through 2017, we are excited that we are now expanding this role to provide an even stronger support mechanism to our clubs.

As a result the CDO will now be known as a FFV Club Ambassador. The FFV Club Ambassador will fulfill the following role:

  1. Support - Key point of contact between club and the FFV.
  2. Growth - A conduit between the FFV, club and LGA as well as any other relevant stakeholder
  3. Engagement – To go through the Club Engagement Program.
  4. Out and About – Make contact and set up meetings to understand how the above points can take place.

The FFV Club Ambassadors commitment to clubs is paramount and they are available to meet at hours suitable to the needs of your club and volunteers. We are very excited to be getting Out & About building relationships with your club and providing the support when needed.

For clarity, please be conscious that the FFV Club Ambassador may not always have the exact answer you are after, however, they will take on board your query or concern, and ensure a timely response by the relevant FFV department or themselves.

Our current FFV Club Ambassador team is:

FFV Club Ambassador Zone Email
Steph Leondidis North East, Eastern & Sunraysia sleondidis@ffv.org.au
Josephine La Pila North West, Western & Bendigo jlapila@ffv.org.au
Greg Hurvitz South East & Southern ghurvitz@ffv.org.au
Foddy Kyprian Wimmera South Coast fkyprian@ffv.org.au
Tonci Prusac Wimmera South Coast tprusac@ffv.org.au
Atila Kerestes Goulburn North East akrestes@ffv.org.au
Mark Cassar Gippsland mcassar@ffv.org.au

If not done already, the FFV Club Ambassador will be in contact with your club soon to set up a meeting to address the Club Engagement program and maintain regular contact in line with the above stated ideals.

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