Green Shirt Program launched

New initiative to raise awareness and respect for new referees

FFV is promoting the green shirt program as it is a vital part of a new referee development, education and retention plan.

The green shirt program recognises that new referees need support of the football family as they begin their refereeing careers.

Green shirt referees are new referees who are learning their trade but just because someone is a green shirt referee, it doesn't mean that they are a bad referee.

The program aims to change behaviours towards new referees, and encourage clubs as well as spectators to treat them as just a referee and provide them encouragement and respect.

FFV has seen an increase of 30% of referees since 2015.

Retaining these referees is of utmost importance and it is equally vital that everybody involved in football plays their part.

Coaches, players, referees will make mistakes and they should be given a chance to learn from these mistakes without abuse and problems.

Referees face abuse far too often and is one of the key factors in driving referees away from the game.

Without referees there would be no football matches so we should have respect and encourage referees to learn.

Green shirt referees will be given a green card (as shown below), to introduce themselves to the coach and explain the meaning of the green shirt program.

All referees need to be afforded respect and given an opportunity to learn, football is about development for everybody.

Green Card

An example of the Green Card

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