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FFV President Nick Monteleone, SFC Chair Vince Maiorana, SFC Foundation Chair Steve Lorincz, FFV Operations Manager (Special Projects & Discipline) Maxwell Gratton

FFV and SFC: Kicking goals in Sunraysia


The Sunraysia Football Committee (SFC) voted last week to continue their integration with Football Federation Victoria. 

The decision was passed unanimously by the SFC and is a testament to the hard work put in by everyone involved over the past year.

This success has been underpinned by Ross Mosello (Regional Administrator) who has made the integration process smooth and has been able to use his experience and expertise of Football in the Sunraysia region to deliver a higher standard competition. 

The support from FFV departments has also been the catalyst to this positive feedback as has the tremendous support from all of the clubs.

“We are delighted to be able to continue to work with the SFC in providing the people of Sunraysia with the best possible football experience,” said Mr Frampton. 

“Our goal is to provide genuine access to the sport of football to all members of the community, and we think that a continued relationship between FFV and the SFC is the best way to achieve this.

“We look forward to developing a strategic plan for football in Sunraysia together with the SFC and assisting in its implementation through the hard work of FFV’s local Regional Administrator.”




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