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NPL update - message from FFV Board


FFV Board announces that the NPL will not be introduced in 2014.

IT is with great regret and disappointment that the FFV Board announces that the National Premier Leagues (NPL) will not be introduced in 2014.

As many clubs are aware FFV is defending court action in the Supreme Court of Victoria brought by two Zone Representatives.

FFV was ready to announce successful applicants for the 2014 NPL on 29 September 2013 but was restrained by a court order from doing so.

In good faith FFV attended mediation recently with the Plaintiffs regarding the NPL. The FFV Board was unable to reach a sustainable agreement with the Plaintiffs.

Therefore, 2014 will be a normal year complying with FFV’s Rules of Competition.

FFV is committed to introducing a NPL in the future that:
•    Embraces Victoria
•    Provides clear pathways for talented males and females
•    Provides equal opportunity for boys and girls
•    Is affordable
•    Meets FFA requirements
•    Meets FFV’s strategic plan

FFV President Nick Monteleone said the key purpose of the NPL, in line with FFA’s aims and intentions of the NPL is to “increase the quality of youth development practices, develop better coaches, require clubs to explain their fee structure and ensure that fees are reasonable and not excessive, regulate the role of player agents and private academies, improve club governance and financial reporting, correct unsustainable player payments in State League competitions and promote local youth development within the club team structure".

FFV will not be making any further comment today regarding the NPL.




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