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FFV Lighting Policy and Requirements Season 2014 - Updated 20 February 2014

FFV Lighting Audit Report - Season 2014 - (PDF version) Updated 20 February 2014

FFV Lighting Audit Report - Season 2014 - (Word version) Updated 20 February 2014

Grievance Disciplinary & Tribunal By-Law

2014 GDT By-Law   

2014 GDT By-Law Changes Memo


2014 Geelong Region GDT By-Law (Coming Soon)


2014 Sunraysia Region GDT By-Law (Coming Soon)



Why is a certain rule/policy the way it is?

In a general sense our regulations must be consistent with the broader guidelines and regulations of FIFA and the FFA. Further, they must be compliant with State and Federal law. We also have a lot of different stakeholders to consider; changing a rule to benefit clubs for example may prove detrimental to the freedoms of players.

Ultimately all of our regulations have to be both fair and practical. This means that they are always carefully considered and reviewed annually.

Can you make an exception to a rule for me on this occasion?

Our regulations outline our ability to grant exemptions; for some rules under certain circumstances it is possible - if so, this will be outlined in the relevant regulations.

If we are unable to provide an exemption then it will either be because it is not within our authority to do so, or because doing so would jeapordise the integrity of our competitions.

What is the best way for me to leave feedback/suggestions for certain rules?

The best way to leave feedback is via email so that we have a written record to which we can refer. Feedback can be sent to, or directly to the relevant department.

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