Tribunal, Appeals & Arbitration

List of current Independent Tribunal Members:

Surname Name Background Years
Batrouney Edward Barrister-at-Law 2017
Challen Mathew Lawyer 2015
Finanzio QC Adrian Barrister-at-Law +5 years
Finocchiaro Steven Lawyer 2014
Georgakakis Jim Club Administrator 2017
Gill Reuben Lawyer 2017
Gillies Bill Barrister-at-Law (Chair of Tribunal) 2005
Goldstein Rob Mediator 2017
Golvan QC Colin Barrister-at-Law 2010
Hands Alan Barrister-at-Law +5 years
Hartley Ben Lawyer 2009
Jennings Amy Sports Administrator and Lawyer 2017
Johnson Riley Sports Administrator 2014
Kanarev Nicholas Barrister-at-Law 2012
Liamos Christos Lawyer 2014
Lovius Leo Lawyer 2009
Mcaleese Declan Club Administrator and Lawyer 2017
Moran Graham Sports Administrator 2017
O'Dor Steven Lawyer 2014
Orow Bill Barrister-at-Law 2017
Riordan Nicholas Lawyer +5 years
Rotarou Kostya Lawyer 2016
Salpigtidis Constantine Barrister-at-Law 2010
Scanlon David Former Referee and Player +5 years
Seifman Robert Barrister-at-Law +5 years
Simpson Emma Lawyer 2014
Stevens Brett Lawyer 2017
Stops Andrew Lawyer +5 years
Woodlock Tysen Lawyer +5 years

If you would like access to past case determinations or require more information concerning disciplinary processes please contact Phil Dyer on 9474 1800 (ext 3).

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