FFV Board Vacancies - Candidates Confirmed

Update for the Football Family

On January 27, 2016, Football Federation Victoria (FFV) advised that the Board is seeking to appoint two Directors to fill the Casual Vacancy positions created by the following resignations:

  • Mr Sam Prenesti resigned on October 5, 2015; and
  • Mr Cam Cimino has resigned with his resignation effective at the conclusion of the AGM on March 21, 2016.

FFV decided to run an “election-like” process to seek suitable candidates for the casual vacancy replacements to the Board positions created by these resignations.

On February 24, 2016, an update was issued to inform the football family of a further resignation from the FFV Board:

  • Mr John Lewis resigned for personal reasons, with his resignation effective at the conclusion of the AGM on March 21, 2016.

The term remaining for all three of these vacancies is until the FFV AGM in March 2017. The appointed Directors may stand for re-election at that time.

Nominations have now closed for the casual vacancy Director positions. Four (4) candidates are contesting the three (3) available Director positions. The draw to determine the order of the candidates’ names on the ballot paper is now complete.

The candidates (listed in ballot paper order) are:

  1. Julie Ryan
  2. Sezar Jakupi
  3. Antonella Carè
  4. Ken Steel

Candidate statements and photos are available here and will be included with the ballot papers.

FFV Members (Zone Representatives and Standing Committee Chairs) will vote for their preferred candidates, and FFV has decided to adopt the processes in the FFV election by-laws for the appointments.

Ballot material was posted to FFV Members on Friday March 4, 2016 and the ballot will close at 5:00pm (Melbourne time) on Wednesday March 16, 2016. Please post early. To be clear, the ballot paper must be physically received by the Returning Officer by 5pm (Melbourne time) on Wednesday March 16, 2016.

Further, a Members and Candidates Question and Answer Session will be conducted at the FFV offices, Level 3, 436 St Kilda Road, Melbourne on Wednesday March 9 commencing at 6:30pm.  Candidates who choose to attend shall be provided with five (5) minutes to state their value proposition (in accordance with their candidate statement) and allow FFV Zone Representatives and Standing Committee Chairpersons (the Members) ten (10) minutes to ask questions of the candidates.  There will then be a further fifteen (15) minutes at the end of this session for questions to any candidate.

If you have specific questions for candidates, please send them to your Zone Representatives or a Standing Committee Chair.

The ballot papers will be opened and counted at the FFV offices at 1:00pm on Monday March 21 (prior to the AGM). The ballot will be conducted via the optional preferential voting system. When completing the ballot paper, FFV encourages all voting Members to complete the ballot paper entirely with their first preference, second preference and so forth.

The FFV Board will meet immediately prior to the AGM on March 21, 2016 to consider the results of the election-like process and appoint successful candidates to Casual Vacancy positions pursuant to Clause 10.11 of the constitution.

Click here for the full timeline of this process.

Any questions should be addressed to Richard Redman, (03) 9474 1837 or rredman@ffv.org.au

Peter Gome


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