One Week Until Westfield FFA Cup Draw!

Victorian clubs await first step on road to Westfield FFA Cup glory

Dozens of Victorian clubs will learn their first Westfield FFA Cup opponent next Tuesday, February 9 when the Qualifying Round and Round 1 draw is staged.

Clubs from Zagame's State League 5 Men's, FFV Metropolitan and Victorian regional entries will be drawn from the pot for the Qualifying Round.

Teams from Zagame's State League 4 Men's and the 12 lower seeded clubs form Zagame's State League 3 Men's will then enter the pot for the Round 1 draw.

Teams playing in the Qualifying Round will therefore learn their potential Round 1 opponent.

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All PS4 NPL Victoria and Zagame's State Leagues Men's teams must compete in the Westfield FFA Cup, while any FFV Metropolitan League or Regoinal Affiliate clubs must submit their entry via the correct process no later than 9:00AM on Monday February 8, 2016.

For further regarding the 2016 Victorian rounds of FFA Cup CLICK HERE


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