The Registration Process

A player must be registered for a club before they are eligible to take the field of play; this process ensures a fair competition and makes certain that you are protected under the FFV Risk Protection Program.

Simplified, the process to register is as follows:

  1. The player submits their registration to the club (via MyFootballClub)
  2. The player pays the club registration fee (including FFV and FFA fees) to the club
  3. The club accepts the player's registration and arranges payment of registrations fees to FFV and FFA
  4. The player is eligible to play

There are a number of other rules that affect a player's registration and their eligibility, which can be found in the FFV and FFA registration regulations. Some key points to note however include:

  • A player may only be registered for one club at any given time
  • A player may be registered for up to 3 clubs within a season, but may only play for 2 of those clubs
  • A player's registration is only valid if completed within the applicable registration window

For the Registration Regulations, head to our Rules & Regulations page.


MyFootballClub Explained

MyFootballClub is the National Online registration system developed by Football Federation Australia, by which the above process is administered.

Every person has their own individual account which is designated a unique 8-digit FFA ID number. This account is a record of their registration history, which includes playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering. You will need to create an account before registering if you have never been registered before.

Please use the buttons at the top of this page to log into your personal MyFootballClub account, to create an account if you have not been registered in the past several years, or to visit the FFA MyFootballClub website.


International Transfers

An International Transfer Clearance (ITC) is required for every player over the age of 12 (inclusive) whose last registration was overseas or who is playing for the first time and is not an Australian citizen. This is a FIFA requirement that is applied worldwide in affiliated competitions.

Please notify your club as soon as possible if you belive that this may be applicable to you, as they will be able to assist you to apply for a transfer and penalties may apply where a player is found to have been fielded without an ITC. This application is free but can take some time depending on from where you are coming, so it is best to ensure this is followed up quickly.


Changing Clubs

If you would like to change clubs during the year you will firstly need to cancel your registration with your current club. You will need to initiate this cancellation from your MyFootballClub account.

Your cancellation will then need to be processed by an FFV MyFootballClub staff member, which can only be done during regular business hours once your current club approves of the cancellation or after 7 days have elapsed from when the request was made.

Once your cancellation is finalised you will then be able to register for your new club via your MyFootballClub account.

Please note that the above process is not applicable for your first registration of the calendar year, even if you are changing clubs from the year prior.


Player Status

A player participating in football is either an Amateur or Professional. Amateur players may play in Professional leagues, but Professional players are not permitted to play in Amateur leagues.

Amateur Players

An Amateur is any Player that is not a Professional. i.e. a player that is not paid to play football for a club and does not have a contract with a club. This includes Junior players, Thirds and Masters players and players in all Women's competitions.

A club may reimburse a player for expenses incurred without affecting the players amateur status up to the value of $100 a week including for travel, kit, equipment or insurance premiums.

If a player was previously a professional, they must wait at least 30 days after the players’ last match as a professional before they are permitted to register as an amateur.

Professional Players

A Professional is a player who has a written contract with a club in which that player is paid to play football for that club in the form of Prescribed Form NRR 05 – Professional Player Contract.

Professional players are classed as casual employees. As employers clubs are required to comply with PAYG Income Tax and Superannuation laws.  In Victoria, the minimum age required to register as a Professional Player is 15 years of age.



FFA MyFootballClub Support Centre

Phone: (02) 8020 4199

Assistance with: MyFootballClub - accessing your account, system errors, troubleshooting.

FFV MyFootballClub Department

Phone: (03) 9474 1800 (select option 2)

Assistance with: Registration regulations and related rules, registration dates.



I have forgotten my password, but when I tried to get the system to email me a new password nothing has come through. What can I do?

As a security measure, when an incorrect password is entered too many times in a row your account becomes locked out; this prevents the system from sending you a new password. You will need to call the FFA MyFootballClub Support Center (listed above) to have your account unlocked.

I have logged into my MyFootballClub account and pressed 'Register' to begin the registration process. When I enter the name of my club though it says "No packages available". What does this mean?

This could mean a number of things:

  • Your club has not yet set up their registration packages for the year. This will become available for clubs to do each year from mid-January, but each does it in their own time.
  • The club has not made their packages available online. This may be due to their teams being full, their registration period being closed, or they may have forgotten to turn this option on.
  • The packages that your club has setup may not be applicable to you based on your age/gender.

Please contact your club to determine which of these reasons may be the cause.

Will I receive a receipt from the club for payment of my registration?

This is dependant on  the method of payment that you choose. If you pay online in MyFootballClub (only available if selected by your club) then a record of your payment will be stored by the system. If you choose a manual payment option then it will be up to your club to provide a receipt for cash payments; you should have a record of payments by bank transfer on your account statement.

I would like to register for two clubs simultaneously/play for a third club in the season/register outside of the registration window. Can you grant me an exemption to the rules?

These registration regulations are mandated to us by FIFA and Football Federation Australia. Accordingly, the only one of the above requests that we have the authority to grant would be to allow for a registration outside of the registration window, and this is only granted under special circumstances. Please have your club contact the FFV MyFootballClub Department to apply for an exemption.

Why do I need to get an International Transfer Clearance if I am coming from overseas? Can I get an exemption? 

ITCs are a FIFA mandated process to transfer a player from one National Association to another. It ensures that player contracts and suspensions are honored, that minors are not moving countries for footballing purposes, and is crucial for the distribution of solidarity contribution and training compensation. Accordingly, it is not within our authority to grant any exemptions to this requirement.

Having said the above, we do share your frustration on the uncommon occasions that this process takes longer than expected.

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