Talent Identification and Development Centre

2017 will see the FFV National Training Centre (NTC) Talented Player Programs for Boys shift from full-time to part time squads. These squads will now be known as the NTC Talent Identification and Development Centres (TIDC).

Upon selection after FFV's initial trial process, players will be required to train one night a week with the TIDC Squad in their area. All TIDC players however, will train twice a week and play matches with their current NPL/Community Club. TIDC sessions will run during the season as part of the development and selection process for the National Championships (where the number of sessions prior to the tournament will increase). Training camps and practice matches will also be conducted during school holidays.

Squads of 20+ players will work in blocks. The players who respond well and meet the criteria will be invited back for the next block. Players deemed not to meet the program’s criteria will be replaced at the end of each block by players scouted during the season.

In 2017 FFV will oversee:

  • 4 Under 12 TIDC squads – North, West, South and East.
  • 4 Under 13 TIDC squads – North, West, South, East
  • 3 Under 14 TIDC squads – North-West, South, East
  • 2 Under 15 TIDC squads – North-West, South-East
  • 1 Under 16 TIDC squad
  • 4 Regional Skill Acquisition squads – Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Shepparton
  • 6 Regional Game Training squads – Ballarat, Bendigo (2), Geelong (2), Shepparton

Players who receive an invite to trial are based on nominations by clubs or identified by TIDC scouts and FFV TPD staff. Players will be allocated into a TIDC zone based on the location of the club and which competition zone their club is situated (i.e. NPL South/East or North/West).

Programs will be conducted from two central locations in the North/West and South/East areas or at regional facilities.

Metro Training Venues:

North/West: Darebin International Sports Centre, Darebin Rd, Thornbury.

South/East: Rowville Secondary College, Humphreys Way, Rowville.

South/East: Caulfield Park, Field 3, Corner of Inkerman Rd and Park Crescent, Caulfield North, 3162

Regional Training Venues:

Ballarat: Morshead Park, Pleasant St (lower synthetic), Ballarat

Bendigo: Epsom Huntly Reserve, 353 Midland Hwy, Huntly

Geelong: Hume Reserve, Hume Reserve Court, Bell Park

Shepparton: McEwan Reserve, Brauman St, Shepparton

Regional Program/Training Key Dates:

Ballarat:                  GT                   - Monday 5:00pm - 6:30pm Week starting 15th May

Bendigo:                GT (Junior)     - Tuesday 6:00pm - 7.30pm Week starting 9th May

GT (Senior)     - Thursday 6:00pm - 7.30pm Week starting 18th May

Geelong:                  GT (Junior)     - Monday 5:00pm – 6.30pm Week starting 8th May

GT (Senior)    - Monday 6.30pm – 8:00pm Week starting 8th May

Shepparton:           GT                   - Monday 5.30pm – 7:00pm Week starting 24th April

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