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Latest Referee News:

2018 FFV Finals & Playoffs - Community Competitions

Kick off to the 2018 FFV Finals & Playoffs for Community Competitions is here.

Please carefully read all of the referee specific information found in the link below:

2018 FFV Finals Playoffs - PARTICIPATING TEAM GUIDE (002).


Register Today- The opening whistle to season 2018 is here

Registrations are now open for the 2018 season, please view the below packages and guide to registration.

Click here to register on MyFootballClub today.

Senior Football Referee- $250
Referees who officiate in Senior NPL, NPLW and Men's State Leagues. This includes all reserve / U20 (NPL & NPL2) & U18 (NPLW) matches. Assistant Referees in the abovementioned leagues are also included in this package.

Junior Football Referee- $100
Referees who officiate only in Women's State leagues, Community and Junior Leagues (including NPL & NPLW juniors).

Regional Association Football Referee- $100
Open to all who officiate only in regional association football leagues.

First Season Referee- $0.00
New level 4 referees who are officiating their first season of football. Level 4 referees who officiated in 5 games or less in 2017 should register into this package. Eligible referees from 2017 who officiated 5 games or less have been contacted by FFV Referees.

Assessor and Instructors- $50.00
Non-active referees who perform the role of Assessor or Instructor. Branch mentors are also included in this package.

Inactive Registration- $0.00
Non-active members who wish to receive FFV communications. Please note this does not include a Laws of the Game Book or Season Pass.

Registration Tip- Ensure that "FFV Referees (Club)" is selected in step 1 of registration.

For a detailed guide on registration, follow the link here

If you are unsure of which package to register under please contact us at

Announcement -2018 Referee Uniforms

FFV is pleased to announce a new partner for FFV referee uniforms for the 2018 FFV season. Mitre Australia has partnered with Football Federation Victoria as the official referee uniform supplier for 2018 and beyond.

FFV Major Partner Sportsmart will continue as the uniform retailer. In February 2018, Mitre uniforms will be available for purchase in-store from Sportsmart retail outlets and via the Sportsmart online store.

To read the full memo, please follow the link below.

-Referee Memo 19th Dec - 2018 Referee Uniforms


Announcement -Working with Children Check Memo

In recent months, the Victorian government has changed legislation regarding the requirements relating to the Working with Children Act 2005.

Prior to these changes referees were not required to hold a Working with Children Check. Recent changes now require all persons with direct or indirect contact with children to hold a valid Working with Children Check.

For the 2018 FFV season any person, 18 years and over, registered as a referee, assessor or instructor will be required to hold a current Working with Children Check – Volunteer category. Please note there is no cost for the volunteer check

The Victorian Government has published an information video to provide more information regarding the recent changes, we recommend you use this link to view the video WWCC Information Video

Each person 18 years and over, will need to provide FFV with their WWCC information before the start of the 2018 (NPL / NPLW February 16 2018, Community leagues March 23 2018).

To read the full memo, please follow the link below.

-WWCC Memo 15th December

Announcement - 2018 Referee Branch Positions.

We are pleased to announce the positions for the 2018 FFV Branch Management Structure. Please see below a link with a full list of the approved positions for all branches. Positions for Bendigo, Shepparton & Sunraysia branches will not be announced until local league structures have been finalised in due course.

FFV Referees - 2018 Branch Management Teams

We have had an excellent response to the invitation for branch roles and thank everyone for applying. We encourage everyone to be an active member of their branch in 2018.

The FFV Referees Department looks forward to working with all branches during the 2018 season.







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