Registration and Appointments


Match Official Registration

Accredited referees are required to register with FFV on a yearly basis; this ensures you are covered under the FFA insurance policy and permits you to officiate in FFV Competitions.

All FFV referees must register via MyFootballClub account to a "club" that is called ‘FFV Referees (Club).

MyFootballClub Explained

MyFootballClub is the National Online registration system developed by Football Federation Australia, by which the involvement in the sport of every individual is recorded.

Every person has their own individual account which is designated a unique 8-digit FFA ID number. This account is a record of their registration history, which includes playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering. Your FFA ID number will also be used to register for courses.

Please use the buttons at the top of this page to log into your personal MyFootballClub account, to create an account if you have not been registered in the past several years, or to visit the FFA MyFootballClub website.

Tips For Registration
  • Ensure you have your own individual email address in MyFootballClub. The same email address CANNOT be associated with more than one person, otherwise you will not receive your Schedula login details.
  • Ensure the club you select to register to is called ‘FFV Referees (Club)’. If your last registration was as a player or coach then your 'Club' will automatically be set as the club you were last registered to; you will just need to make sure that you change it.
  • Only create a new MyFootballClub account if you are certain that you have not been registered as a player, coach or referee anytime in the last 5 years.
  • Once your registration has been completed, paid for and finalised at our end you should receive login details for your Schedula account (Click Here).



Referee Emergency Procedure

In the case of a last minute emergency after 5:00pm on Friday which prevents you from officiating an accepted fixture in junior or senior football, you must do the following:

Firstly, call the weekend call of line on 9474 1802, a branch appointments officer on call will endeavor to appoint another referee.

Secondly, you must email by 9:00am Monday with a detailed explanation of why you could not officiate.


Schedula is the online allocations and appointments system that we use to assign match officials to fixtured games.

By logging into your Schedula account you are able to maintain your own availability and view matches for which you have been appointed.


Obtaining Your Login Details

To obtain your account login details for Schedula you will firstly need to register with FFV as a match official via the steps above.

Please note that you will need to have paid your registration fee and had your registration approved before Schedula will send login details to you.

If you have completed the above and still have not received your login details, please follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have your own individual email address in MyFootballClub. The same email address CANNOT be associated with more than one person.
  • Use the ‘forgot your password?’ option on Schedula to retrieve your login details. You only need to enter your date of birth and your email to reset your password. (If you receive an error message please try again in 4 to 8 hours).

If you need to update your email address, please do this by logging into your MyFootballClub account.


FFV Referees Department

Phone: 9474 1800

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