Reminder to Clubs About The FFA Integrity Framework

Regulations on Match-Fixing in Australia

Football Federation Victoria would like to remind all Clubs about Football Federation Australia's regulations regarding match-fixing, bribing, and integrity.

The two most important things to remember are:

  • If you receive any information that you think might be relevant to the below, email (You are more than welcome to touch base with FFV first if you prefer; email
  • If in doubt whether it might be relevant, send the email anyway.

FFA acknowledges gambling on sport is a common activity for many which, when undertaken responsibility, may be enjoyable. However, you, your club, and others involved in football must not engage, directly or indirectly, in or otherwise be associated with:

  1. any bet, wager, gamble or any other form of financial speculation where the relevant person stands to win or gain from the win, draw or loss of any club competing in a match; or
  2. stakes, either actively or passively, in companies, concerns, organisations, etc that promote, broker, arrange or conduct such events or transactions; or
  3. the throwing or fixing of a match; or
  4. any conduct or behaviour intended to unfairly affect the result of a match, including accepting or agreeing to accept any benefit connected with or relating to the ability of a member to exercise control over or influence the outcome of a match so as to bring about a result other than that which would be achieved in a fair contest between the competing teams.

You must also immediately report any attempt to offer a bribe.

General Club Resources

Please click here for more information from the FFA’s website. Also, available below are links to some useful documents:

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