Respect and Responsibility

The FFV Respect and Responsibility program was developed to help the whole football community understand everyone’s role in promoting and supporting the game of football, and help clubs provide an effective avenue for keeping their members better informed and educated on matters relating to their responsibilities.

We often hear that “the referee failed to control the game” and escalating events lead to heavy fines and suspensions. When we look at the Referees, FFV and Clubs, to look at Football as a community and their responsibilities and where each fit within the game.
The outcome of this presentation provides a well organised, independently administered and community inclusive game, where matches are decided on merit and skill, and enjoyed by its players and clubs, while reducing substantial fines, suspensions, dissent and discrimination to create a fair and enjoyable game for the whole of the football community.


Tribunal Ordered Presentations

Respect and Responsibility presentations for tribunal ordered cases can attend our monthly presentation at FFV HQ for a single person, registering via the link below, or a club can host a course at their club rooms for a group of people:


Host a course at your club

Respect and Responsibility presentations can be hosted for a club.
Please read through the requirements below and register via the link:


  1. You should nominate dates that are preferred for your group, indicating both DAY of the week as well as DATE and TIMES. Each course runs for approximately 90 minutes. Please note that;
    1. Courses are generally held on a week day (Monday to Thursday) commencing at 6:30pm.
    2. An earlier or later start may be possible by arrangement with the presenter(s).
    3. Saturdays or Sundays may be suitable, by arrangement.
    4. Larger groups may be accommodated in a slightly longer course
  1. THE VENUE: FFV may provide some venues for group club courses. Otherwise the club should source a venue large enough to comfortably seat the expected number of participants and must have the following resources available:
    1. A screen for projecting the presentation. A plain sheet or blank wall would be sufficient
    2. A small table to hold laptop, projector, etc
    3. Power outlet

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