SAP is back and bigger in 2017

All FFV clubs invited to run the program

As part of a review and consultation process, Football Federation Victoria has made steps to expand the Skill Acquisition Phase program as part of the football development program, previously only delivered either by FFV/FFA and PlayStation 4 NPL and NPLW clubs, by offering all registered clubs the opportunity to offer the program to their players.

SAP is a key aspect of the Football Federation Australia National Curriculum and is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of both Boys and Girls at the critical ages of 9 to 13.

The most critical aspect of the SAP is the training environment created by the club and coaches, as well as the training plan and sessions given to clubs by the Head of Skill Acquisition at FFV. Implemented appropriately, players should experience a positive, fun and engaging training environment.

The program has 2 major aims;

  1. To ensure players have the necessary technical ‘tools’ (or functional game skills), so that they have an improved opportunity to play at a higher level whilst continuing to develop a love for the game.
  2. To assist clubs in the development of players and coaches, with a view to ensuring the longevity and quality of teams that will progress through the club.

A number of other changes to the program will be offered in 2017 highlighted below;

  • The program is free for clubs to join!
  • Players involved in the SAP only come from within an affiliated SAP club. Players do not come from outside of the club to join a SAP, meaning there should be no additional cost to players/parents.
  • Team rating in place to recognise clubs, teams and coaches that want to invest in youth development and see the benefit of delivering the Skill Acquisition Phase program.
  • New sessions and methodology involving more 'Whole - Part - Whole' sessions.

If your club would like to be involved and recognised as an FFV SAP Affiliated Club click here for more details, application criteria and a link to the Expression of Interest form so we can make contact with you about your official application.

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