Skill Acquisition Program Gala Day

More Than 50 Teams At DISC SAP Gala

The first Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) Gala Day for 2017 was conducted over the weekend at the State Football Centre with both PlayStation®4 NPL Victoria and Community clubs affiliated with the program taking part.

More than 50 teams ranging from U9 to U12 boys and girls were involved through the two day event.

The emphasis of the Gala Day was to allow players to apply the skills that had been the focus of the first two months of the program in a number of Small Sided Games and served as an opportunity for coaches to assess how much players had improved in that time against other SAP teams.

No results or eventual winner was named, reinforcing the ethos of the event, ensuring players, coaches and parents focus on the ability of an individual to attempt to implement the fundamental skills of the SAP.

FFV Skill Acquisition Head Coach Anthony Frost said the event reflected well on the coaching done by clubs to educate players.

"The quality of play and creativity shown by such young players was clear to see and is testament to the work done by coaches and clubs to date," Frost said.

The clubs and teams that have signed up for the program have all received guidance to support the development of their players in the form of a structured season plan/syllabus designed by the Head of Skill Acquisition at FFV.

Each week within the syllabus has a specific focus with all of the sessions for the week and entire program provided.

Players also are given access to an online portal to that contains videos focusing on a weekly home skill or ball mastery technique, encouraging players to work on their game away from formal training.

"As these SAP clubs can start to see, the more players that have the basic techniques required of players who perform at the highest level, the better for the game and the development of their own club in the future," Frost said.

Information on the program and clubs currently involved can be found here.

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