Westfield FFA Cup


Westfield FFA Cup

In 2017 , FFV has four (4) allocated slots in the Westfield FFA Cup Round 32; i.e. the Victorian winners of Round 7 will progress to the Round of 32 together with other state representatives, Hyundai A-League Clubs and the PlayStation 4 NPL 2016 National Champions.

It is mandatory for all Clubs competing in the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues Victoria (NPL and NPL 2) and Zagame's Men’s State Leagues (MSL1 – MSL5) competitions to participate in the WFFA Cup. Entry is limited to one team per Club.

Green Gully

Green Gully progressed to the Quarter Finals in 2016. Photo: Mark Avellino

WFFA Cup Club Registration Form
WFFA Cup Competition Regulations
WFFA Cup Preliminary Rounds Victoria Match Officials Fees
WFFA Cup Preliminary Rounds  MEMO's
WFFA Cup Preliminary Rounds - Club Seeding
WFFA Cup Preliminary Rounds Fixture Dates and Round Progression
WFFA Cup Preliminary Rounds Draw Dates

Qualifying Round 1 & 2 Draw - Allocation:    Tuesday 31 January

Round 1 Draw - Allocation:                               Monday 20 February

Round 2 Draw - Allocation:                              Monday 27 February

Round 3 Draw - Allocation:                              Monday 6 March

Round 4 Draw - Allocation:                              Monday 13 March

Round 5 Draw - Allocation:                              Tuesday 21 March

Round 6 Draw - Allocation:                              Wednesday 12 April

Round 7 Draw:                                                    TBA

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